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Overview of Malignant Tumors

Overview of Malignant Tumors. Tumors are abnormal growth of body tissues. Tumors occur when cells divide excessively in the body. The body always performs cell division to replace the old cells are dead with new cells. If the balance of cell division is disrupted or runs abnormally then that's where tumors can form. Its growth can be classified as malignant (alignan) or benign tumor (benign).

Of the many cases that occur is too underestimated / underestimating symptoms of disease that may occur or one of them with no care and always assume that benign tumors are not harmful, resulting in growth and development of abnormal cells and rapidly enlarged gradually damage the cells or body parts sufferers. This course we must be careful to avoid the risk of this disease, with proper treatment and natural, although it is benign tumor will greatly affect the health of our bodies all.

Factors Causing Malignant Tumors
There are several factors that can cause malignant tumors, namely:

  • Chemicals
  • Excessive irradiation
  • Some viruses are closely related to normal cell changes into cancer cells. This type of virus is called cancer-causing virus or oncogenic virus.
  • Hormones are substances produced by the body glands whose function is to regulate the activities of body tools and certain membranes.
  • Recurrent physical stimulation: Friction or impact on one part of the body that repeats for a long time

Symptoms of Malignant Tumors
As for the symptoms of malignant tumor itself that must be known from an early age, is:

  • The appearance of a growing and enlarged lump on certain body parts
  • The occurrence of tissue thickening
  • Bleeding or discharge of liquid in the body
  • Menstrual pain is routine and prolonged in women
  • The pain or the old wound does not heal
  • Losing weight fast

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