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Overview of Malignant Tumors

Overview of Malignant Tumors. Tumors are abnormal growth of body tissues. Tumors occur when cells divide excessively in the body. The body always performs cell division to replace the old cells are dead with new cells. If the balance of cell division is disrupted or runs abnormally then that's where tumors can form. Its growth can be classified as malignant (alignan) or benign tumor (benign).

Of the many cases that occur is too underestimated / underestimating symptoms of disease that may occur or one of them with no care and always assume that benign tumors are not harmful, resulting in growth and development of abnormal cells and rapidly enlarged gradually damage the cells or body parts sufferers. This course we must be careful to avoid the risk of this disease, with proper treatment and natural, although it is benign tumor will greatly affect the health of our bodies all.

Factors Causing Malignant Tumors
There are several factors that can cause malignant tumors, namely:

  • Chemicals
  • Excessive irradiation
  • Some viruses are closely related to normal cell changes into cancer cells. This type of virus is called cancer-causing virus or oncogenic virus.
  • Hormones are substances produced by the body glands whose function is to regulate the activities of body tools and certain membranes.
  • Recurrent physical stimulation: Friction or impact on one part of the body that repeats for a long time

Symptoms of Malignant Tumors
As for the symptoms of malignant tumor itself that must be known from an early age, is:

  • The appearance of a growing and enlarged lump on certain body parts
  • The occurrence of tissue thickening
  • Bleeding or discharge of liquid in the body
  • Menstrual pain is routine and prolonged in women
  • The pain or the old wound does not heal
  • Losing weight fast

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Obat herbal utk kanker rahim yg paling ampuh

Cancer of the cervix or also called cervical cancer is a type of cancer that 99.7% is caused by oncogenic human papilloma virus (HPV), which attacks the cervix. In Indonesia only 5 percent of patients do Cancer Screen Cervical Cancer, so that 76.6 percent of patients when detected have entered Advanced Stadium (IIIB up), because cervical cancer is usually without any symptoms in the early stages. Screening can be done by doing a Pap smear test and also Visual Inspection of Acetic Acid (IVA). In developing countries, widespread use of cervical surveillance programs reduces the incidence of invasive cervical cancer by 50% or more. Most studies have found that human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is responsible for all cases of cervical cancer. Treatment includes surgery at an early stage, and chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy in end-stage disease at a cost above the average capability of the general population. Do not worry K-Muricata Cancer Drug remedies the solution.
Human papilloma virus (HPV) 16 and 18 is the leading cause in 70% of cases of cervical cancer in the world. The journey from HPV infection to cervical cancer takes quite a long time, which is about 10 to 20 years. However, this infectious process is often not realized by the patients, because the process of HPV then become pre-cancer largely progressed without symptoms. Therefore, Cervical Cancer Vaccination is highly recommended, as is Screening.
Cancer of the cervix at an early stage does not show typical symptoms, even without symptoms. At an advanced stage, symptoms of cervical cancer, among others: postcoital bleeding, abnormal vaginal discharge, bleeding after menopause (menopause) and abnormal discharge (yellowish, smelly and mixed with blood).
Risk factor :
Natural Factor: Natural factors are factors that naturally happen to a person and indeed we are powerless to prevent them. Included in the natural factors of the originator of cervical cancer is age above 40 years.

Hygiene Factor: Leucorrhea that is left continuously untreated. There are 2 kinds of vaginal discharge, which is normal and abnormal. Whitish normal when the mucus is clear, odorless, and not itchy. If any one of the three conditions are not fulfilled means that whiteness is said to be abnormal. Immediately consult your doctor if you experience abnormal vaginal discharge. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). STDs are sexually transmitted diseases. STDs that are quite often encountered include syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes simplex, HIV-AIDS, genital warts, and HPV virus. Wash the genitals with unsanitary water, for example in public toilets that are not maintained. Unclean water is inhabited by germs.
Prevention of cervical cancer can be done with herbal medicines and vaccination. In developed countries, cases of this type of cancer has begun to decline. Consuming Ziirzak De Nature combined with Typhogell De Nature was able to speed up the healing of cancer patients. Some of our patients who have cancer either breast cancer, uterine cancer or cervical cancer usually we recommend to consume or combine these herbal remedies. Like a mother in the cilacap area who had been diagnosed with breast cancer and by chance she had lifted her left breast, a few months ago her right breast was painful again. Then he went to the hospital, and as I suspected that the advice from the hospital was to be lifted her breasts again. Then we recommend to consume Ziirzak and Typogell. After a few days after taking our herbs, her breasts ached and the body felt a fever, then she consulted us. Then we suggest to continue and lapse a few weeks after we contact, it turns out he feels comfortable and his breasts are not sick anymore. This is a remarkable progress, it turns out herbal products can provide solutions to cancer problems.
Why do we recommend consuming 2 products? Because of our experience patients who consumed two products once the treatment was much better.
Treatment :
Standard treatment of cervical cancer includes therapy: surgical removal, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. Treatment of pre-cancerous stage cervical cancer - stage 1A is by: hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus). If the patient still wants to have a child, in addition to medical treatment, the patient can also do complementary therapies with herbal cervical cancer drugs.


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